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Asset Performance Management

APM Alliance


Our leadership team has over 150 years of global experience in physical asset management, working closely with multi-national companies through all levels of the organization to deliver sustainable solutions that improve the performance of assets covering most industrial sectors.

Paul Daugalis

Head of Reliability Engineering

Has spend the last 30 years involved in whole of life-cycle asset management across Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the Middle East for Clients in the oil and gas mining, rail, manufacturing, power, utilizes and building sectors. He is the lead developer of the digital solution AssetCoreXL that has encapsulated this experience in particular RCM, RAM modelling, RCFA and reliability data analytics. 

Cosmas Vamvalis

Head of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

has been involved during the last 10 years in many projects regarding the usage of AL to achieve Faults Detection, Identification and Prediction. He has been involved during the last 31 years in many CMMS implementations. He is Currently Chairman of the European Federation of National Maintenance Societies (EFNMS) and Board member of the Greek Exporters Association (SEVE)

George Efremidis

Head of Enterprise Asset Management

has been leading during the last 25 years in more than 150 EAM implementations. He has led several maintenance consulting projects, most of which focus on TPM. He is Chairman of the Hellenic Maintenance Society (HMS). 

Arturas Gudynas

Head of Environmental Emissions & Systems Integration

has over 30 years experience in the oil & gas, energy and manufacturing sectors throughout Europe that has culminated in the development of Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) emissions monitoring software and best practices. This evolved into developing management and expanding IBM Maximo and SAP PM implementation and integration to the energy sectors including GiS interfaces. 

Julio Uqueio

Head of Project Management Services

14 years of Engineering , Environmental services and managing high profile energy projects in the North Sea, Europe and Africa. Project Management Leader with track record in Oil and Gas operations, and heavy industry covering many geographies, France, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Mozambique, South Africa, Congo, UK.