APM Alliance

Asset Performance Management


Auditing System
for ISO 55000

Our auditing system meticulously assesses your asset management alignment, ensuring adherence to international benchmarks. By integrating this system, organizations can guarantee best practices, heighten stakeholder trust, and elevate their asset life cycle value, positioning themselves as leaders in asset management.

Data Governance,
Analysis and Migration

Our data solution establishes a robust foundation for physical asset management. It guarantees data quality, facilitates powerful analysis, and ensures secure data migration. This approach enhances decision-making capabilities, drives operational consistency, and fosters a culture of data- driven excellence in managing assets.

Strategic Asset
Management Plan

Crafted around global best practices, our Strategic Asset Management Plan offers a holistic blueprint that aligns asset objectives with broader organizational aspirations. Adopting this plan means fully optimized investments, a harmonized approach to asset management, and maximized value extraction from assets.

Asset Performance

With our benchmarking tool, organizations can gauge asset performance against industry-leading standards. Such insights pave the way for performance optimization, adaptation to leading practices, and ensuring assets consistently deliver expected value.

Financial Key Performance

Our financial tools help monitor the fiscal efficiency of asset management initiatives. They provide a transparent view into financial health, enable smart investment decisions, and ensure financial strategies work in harmony with asset-centric goals.

Management of

Our Management of Change solution helps organizations gracefully navigate the evolving asset management landscape. It guarantees seamless transitions, upholds standards during every change, and ensures assets remain productive and valuable throughout shifts.


Aligned with global asset management standards, our Balanced Scorecard provides a comprehensive snapshot of an organization's health, both financially and operationally. This holistic overview ensures operations align with strategic aspirations and consistently focus on asset-driven value creation.

Monitoring of
AM System

Our asset management monitoring solution offers relentless oversight, ensuring systems operate at peak performance. With this tool, organizations can maintain a system compliant with global standards, swiftly pinpoint areas for refinement, and drive continuous asset-centric value delivery.


Our Stakeholder Engagement strategies promote open communication and collaboration, essential for effective asset management. By actively involving key stakeholders, organizations can fortify relationships, increase project success rates, and ensure alignment between stakeholder needs and asset management endeavors.


Steeped in the principles of comprehensive asset management, this program equips teams with up-to-date knowledge and skills. Adopting this approach ensures team proficiency, seamless operations, and cultivates a culture of excellence in asset management.