APM Alliance

Asset Performance Management


Computerized Maintenance
Management System

Our auditing system meticulously assesses your asset management alignment, ensuring adherence to international benchmarks. By integrating this system, organizations can guarantee best practices, heighten stakeholder trust, and elevate their asset life cycle value, positioning themselves as leaders in asset management.

Asset Failure

Our centralized repository detailing asset failures and corresponding corrective actions. By cataloging historical failures and resolutions, it promotes swift, consistent responses during breakdowns. This library enhances asset reliability, shortens recovery times, and serves as an invaluable knowledge base for training and troubleshooting.


Criticality Analysis offers a method to rank and prioritize assets based on their importance and impact. By applying this analysis, resources can be allocated wisely, ensuring that critical assets receive the attention they deserve, thus reducing potential risks.

Masterdata As A

This service provides consistent, accurate, and up-to-date master data on-demand. Reliable data drives better decision-making, increases operational efficiency, and ensures that asset management strategies are built on a solid foundation.


A visual tool to assess and prioritize risks based on severity and likelihood, the Risk Matrix helps teams to focus on significant threats, promoting safer and more effective asset management practices.

Bills of

Accurate and comprehensive, Bills of Materials detail all components of an asset or system. This documentation aids in efficient maintenance planning, ensuring timely availability of parts and reducing downtime.

Material Management

Streamlining inventory and procurement processes, this system ensures that the right materials are available at the right time. Effective material management reduces costs, improves efficiency, and supports uninterrupted asset operation.

Low Level

Management of granular asset elements ensures that even the smallest components such as valves and flanges are tracked and maintained. By giving attention to these low-level assets, overall system reliability and performance can be significantly improved.


Centralized storage and easy access to technical drawings speed up maintenance activities and project execution. Drawing Management ensures that teams have the accurate blueprints they need when they need them.