APM Alliance

Asset Performance Management


Environmental, Social and
Governance directives

Incorporating ESG considerations into asset management ensures that operations are sustainable, socially responsible, and aligned with corporate governance standards, promoting a positive corporate image and reducing potential risks.

Leak Detection
and Repair

State-of-the-art technology is employed to identify and report potential breaches swiftly. By using this system, resources are conserved, operational safety is bolstered, and environmental standards are stringently met.

Circular Economy

This approach ensures assets are reused, refurbished, or recycled, extending their life and reducing waste. A focus on the circular economy drives sustainability, reduces costs, and promotes a greener approach to asset management.

Air Quality

Ensuring air quality meets regulatory standards, this treatment protects assets from potential airborne contaminants. Clean air environments extend asset life, improve worker health, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Water Quality Treatment and
Sampling systems

By maintaining and monitoring water quality, assets that utilize or interact with water can function optimally. This system safeguards assets from water-related damages, ensuring longer life and consistent performance.

Printed Circuit
Board Upcycle

Offering a sustainable solution for electronic waste, this service recovers valuable materials from used circuit boards. By upcycling, costs are reduced, environmental impacts are minimized, and regulatory compliance is maintained.