APM Alliance

Asset Performance Management



This solution meticulously logs and evaluates inactive equipment periods, offering insights for resource allocation and proactive reduction of unplanned stoppages. As a result, operational efficiency and asset value realization see marked improvement.


The Defect Elimination approach focuses on pinpointing, analyzing, and rectifying asset defects. Implementing such a strategy can significantly extend equipment lifespans, save costs, and maintain a consistent, high-performing operational environment.

Root Cause
Failure Analysis

This analysis method dives deep into asset failures, uncovering the true causes. It helps establish preventive strategies that tackle recurring issues, ensuring minimal interruptions and elevating asset reliability.

Total Productive

A collective approach, Total Productive Maintenance involves all team members in proactive asset care, leading to increased asset reliability, fewer equipment breakdowns, and superior operational efficiency.

Reliability Centered

The failure modes based strategy here is based on in-depth reliability data and risk assessment. Adherence to this method facilitates timely maintenance, lengthens asset life, and leads to noticeable cost reductions.

Piping Integrity
Management System

Focused on pipeline infrastructure safety and reliability, this system minimizes leak risks, ensures compliance, and offers reliability assurances.

Risk Based

Tailored asset inspection schedules stem from detailed risk assessments. This strategic approach optimizes resource usage, prioritizes crucial assets, and takes proactive measures to enhance asset longevity.

Instrumented Protective

Advanced safety mechanisms are introduced using precision instruments in this solution, ensuring unparalleled operational safety, reduced incidents, and compliance with industry safety regulations.